Firearms Training and Shooting my S&W Model 29, 44 Magnum


The checklist for tonight's fun: 

- Model 29 in holster - CHECK
- 2 Speed loaders with 44 Magnum (12 rounds) - CHECK
- 2 Boxes of 44 Special (100 rounds) - CHECK
- Safety Goggles - CHECK
- Gloves - CHECK
- Ear plugs (in the car and not shown) - CHECK

I took a firearms safety course that was conducted by a former police office who also taught firearms instruction to other police. I figured, since I hadn't shot a gun since I was kid, better to cover all the basis. I think the aiming techniques he relayed really helped too. As you can see below:

The debut of my S&W Model 29 44 Magnum tonight was a thrilling and fun endeavor. 12 opening rounds of 44 Magnum (WOW!!! What a kick!!!) And then I shot 50 of the 44 Specials (and I could shoot those all day long. Not near as stout!!!). I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!

Last time I shot a gun, I was a kid and my uncle took me to shoot his 44 (not sure which maker/model). I always remember how much fun shooting the revolver was. I think he has a Beretta too but I liked the revolver. Something about the recoil is exhilarating. You're firing off a literal hand cannon with massive power.

So those trips with my uncle and because my grandfather was a big Dirty Harry fan, and Dirty Harry uses the S&W 44 Magnum Model 29 w/ a 6.5 inch barrel.... that's what I got and that was what I was firing tonight.


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