Dangerous Narrative: Ch4: The Meth Chef

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Turns out that the meth cook had his operation in full swing, just 2 doors down. The owner of the hotel was his brother so he got a place to cook and his brother got a kick back for giving him the space to do it in. The unit was on the end so if there was any explosion it would do less damage to less units. Only the below and the one directly beside the cook would really be in danger. And the cook liked to be called “The Chef”. His name was Juan Ortega, or at least, that’s the name he gave me when we were chatting out on the walkway. He took his “job” seriously. He had a professional synthetic apron that he wore and a heavy duty gas mask, breathing apparatus, thing. Thing, because it looked like he had some homemade modifications done to it. He left it sitting at the door to his room while we had a couple of beers and chatted.

“It’s not the same game as it was 5 years ago even. No one wants meth like they used to. I mean, you can get some desperate clients still but even then, most of them want Fentanyl. Everyone wants the Fent now,” he said.

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“They get to keep their teeth, man. Fucks you up and makes you act like a fucking zombie but you still got your choppers.”

“So why not start making it instead of meth?”

“No profit, costs too much to start up. The imports are too cheap. It’s coming in from Mexico, China, and now India. I can’t scale up to that level in this country. I need more labor, better facilities, and then the ability to mass produce it, if I want to keep my costs down. No… Damn foreign markets price me out of the competition. So I stick with meth. Maybe I get a hooker or a gang banger as a client. Maybe not, still… I can make a little bit. Enough to keep me in beers and pussy. Enough to keep my brother from going under on the loan he took out for this shithole. That’s all I need.”

“How about the police? Do the police ever give you any trouble?”

He nodded his head, gave me a smirk, and then, “The police are too busy trying to stop parents from keeping teachers from making the kids cut off their dicks. I’m small potatoes. When it comes to getting high now, America is open territory. The DA’s won’t prosecute us because the lefties will have a shit fit that we’re being locked up. Who locks up someone that is keeping the community going? Even if it is just the whores and gang bangers?”

“You don’t think they see you as an issue? As someone who increases crime in the city?”

“No time for me. They don’t even come after my clients anymore. Gina, my brother’s girl, is selling pussy via the internet now. She gets the majority of her clients from Twitter and Facebook. Then she entices them into what we got. It’s an upsell. The client wants the pussy so he’ll try the high. Nine times out of ten, she won’t even have to fuck him once he’s high. He’s too fucked up. Then she’ll leave him a business card with directions on how he can get more. I give her a kickback too. A finder’s fee. And the police aren’t out rounding up whores anymore. Same for the gang bangers. They can’t now, it’s considered racist or sexist, or some shit. We have a free pass now to run our enterprises, almost in the open. At least I don’t have to file a permit with the city or pay taxes. Look at my brother, he deals with the city on this place and they are always wanting more money. Why do you think he needs my product to keep him in business? No my friend, it’s a whole new world since 2020. Laws don’t matter now. All the laws go against the law abiding now. Not us. We’re a protected class now.”

We had another beer and then Juan said he needed to get back to work, the meth wasn’t going to make itself. So he hefted his mask over his head, dropped it down, and then disappeared into his meth cave. No one in the parking lot or in the walkway took notice. It was business as usual. Juan was a man of the people here.

Everything he said made perfect sense. The world around me was all backwards now. Bad was good, crime was the way, cheating was winning, and killing was saving the world, so why shouldn’t The Chef take his position as the mayor of Meth-ville? It’s not like he was being harassed by the police. His clients were no longer looked at as criminals because if the police did look at them as criminals then some leftist group or politician would rain holy hell down upon them. Therefore, the DA just ignored those cases, dismissed them, and if the DA was doing that then why should the police put themselves into dangerous situations when the case was just going to be dismissed. It wasn’t worth the time or hassle. Crime pays.

I wrote this all up on my blog and sent it out into the void. There was no way any mainstream paper would run it, for the same reasons that The Chef was free to apply his trade. The mainstream would not allow me to be critical of sex workers or gang bangers. The sexism and racism labels would be out in full force and that was bad for advertising. I wouldn’t be allowed to put the full story together without a social justice label being applied for some aspect of the narrative itself. You could no longer show the angles of a story if they ran up against some social justice bullshit agenda. Nuance was dead. The censored and approved story would come out like something a South Park character would say, “Drugs are bad, don’t do drugs… okay?”

But the why and the connections to how everything was running was completely off limits. Again, it was bad for advertising. Advertisers would pull ads if their products were in a article, program, or had any connection to any media that could possibly be pointed at as being some “ist” or “phobe” related content. Even if it wasn’t but the leftist extremists deemed it as being so, the advertisers would jump ship. So it was all off limits. The truth dies because the media wants that advertiser money.

When I started looking closer at the big picture, advertising became more central to everything. Big Pharma made tens of billions of dollars from the experimental and dangerous vaccines that the Public Health and government pimps pushed. The mainstream media wouldn’t call them on it. And if people like myself did call them on it, we were silenced, in some way. I started to dig into the ad buys and the main vaccine drug maker became the number one ad buyer for the news media as the vaccines were rolling out and then continued on. The media had been completely bought off. The drug makers didn’t have to worry about the money either because they were selling the gene shots to the government’s of the world with contracts that guaranteed they would be paid. And because the vaccines were given EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) by the FDA, the drug makers didn’t have to worry about litigation either. They had total immunity. So why not buy the media through massive advertising. Every prime time media news program was being sponsored by the drug maker. Monday night football, sponsored by the drug maker. Awards show, sponsored by the drug maker. What network or owner of a network is going to allow a pissant journalist to ruin the cash cow and windfall profits that the drug makers were “sharing” with them? Advertising had been the leverage needed to blow ethics all to hell.


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