Dangerous Narrative: Ch2: Suspicious Minds

Before I even got back to my hotel I got a text from the paper letting me know that my last check would be overnighted to my home address. So there’s ethics for you. I bet they didn’t teach you that in college. Do the right thing but if you rock the boat then we will toss your ass.

I packed up my things, checked out, and headed South. It was nice to cross the state line out of New York. And just as I did so, I tossed the useless face mask into the little plastic trash bag I kept in the car, just for these trips. I wouldn’t be needing that in the red states I was going home too.

As for Dr. Copeland, He was damned and determined to get his story out. So I put him in touch with Project Veritas and then wished him all of the luck in the world. Maybe he could move the dial. I had a feeling that the Republic was already lost and the Democrats in charge were like the Empire trying to crush the rebels in Star Wars. Between forced vaccination mandates and gun grabbing, they were going full fascist, regardless of what the nitwits in the dopey ANTIFA movement claimed. Sorry losers, but calling yourself “anti-fascist” does not make you anti-fascist when you use fascist methods.

Good thing my website and various other freelance writing made the bulk of my revenue. The cash from the paper was nice but let’s face it, it wasn’t the kind you can retire on. I could push Dr. Copeland’s story via other means, though now, I would have to wait for Project Veritas to “break” the story.

I took a call from a man named Ed Ales when I was halfway through South Carolina. He was going on about the 2020 election fraud and he wanted me to look at some new information he drummed up. I kept telling him that I had no means to get that into the paper, especially now, and that even if I could, the story would be censored on every social network out there. Then I gave him a contact for a colleague at The Gateway Pundit and kept driving.

I was in a Guns N’ Roses mood and cranked it all the way up. The world was going to hell and I was absolutely fed up. When the song Civil War came on, I kept thinking, yeah, we should. We should absolutely have a “national divorce” because the left and right are never going to see eye to eye, especially in the “Woke” world that is being forced on us. I used to be a moderate at one time but I was always for being a defender of the Constitution. Now, even the FBI would label me an extremist for the very reason that I’m for defending the Constitution. How freaking crazy is that. The Overton Window has moved so far left that a moderate viewpoint is now extreme to these nutcases.

The sad part about all of this is that this country no longer felt like it was a free country. You can’t be for illegal mandates and stomping all over the 1st and 2nd amendment and call this a free country. You have to be honest with yourself. You’re probably a Nazi or a Communist if you are for those things. It’s time to look in the mirror and see yourself for what you are.

By the time I got home, ate some cereal, and cracked a beer to sit down at my computer, I fought the urge to just leave it all and go take a nap for a couple of days. But no, I just had to check my email.

Dr. Copeland had been killed in an automobile accident. The Project Veritas people had emailed me asking me if I knew where he was. His wife had left several emails. The CDC sent me a cease and desist order, pertaining to info they thought I had, but I didn’t have, but thank you very much for verifying to me that you scoundrels know things you aren’t talking about. The damn elites had really gone and done it. They made good on their threats to him. This was no damn game. These people in this sick and twisted Build Back Better cabal were taking no prisoners. I’m talking about people on another level of downright evil here.

I got up, went to check my gun, a Smith & Wesson Model 329PD 44 Magnum lightweight revolver, and from that point on I was in the carry and conceal movement. I made sure my doors were locked, my windows were shut, and then from my upstairs window I must have watched the street in both directions for at least 45 minutes. The moving van parked down the street was a bit suspicious. I made a mental note to walk past there in the morning and see if anything happened. I kept imagining the van door sliding open and someone coming up behind me and throwing a black cloth sack over my head. Rendition had come to Georgia.

I called an acquaintance I knew from way back, a guy by the name of Bud Appling. He was what you would call a prepper in the extreme. He lived somewhere up in the Georgia Mountains. He had a house, no, a compound that was off the grid. His wife, 2 daughters, and 1 son were a militia that could deal a good bit of defensive destruction if anyone decided to trespass on their land. The Branch Davidian were not as prepped as Bud was.

I had to leave a message with his mother, not in the Georgia Mountains, so she could relay to him that someone was looking for him. I wanted to get his take on the state of the country. I figured he would say we’re on the slippery slope and all hell was about to break loose. I could see that myself but I guess I just wanted confirmation from an “expert” on the topic of when your country goes to hell in a handbasket.


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