Dangerous Narrative: Ch1: The Whistleblower is Out

"You got a whistleblower?"

"I got a whistleblower."

"And he'll go on record that the vaccine is killing and injuring tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of people?"

"He or she, will"

Sal sat back in his stark editors chair. A chair no different than any other chair except that was the chair where the Editor of the largest US paper sat. He rubbed his chin and then slowly began shaking his head, "I can't do it. He's going to have to go on record under his own name. It can't be anonymous."

"He can't do that. He or she, has already had threats from inside. He's scared to death that this is going to end up getting him killed."


"Or she, but for the sake of levity here..."

"I can't do it Jim. And to be honest, it's not just because your informant won't use his name."

"Then why?"

"We have orders from the top. From the owner of the fucking paper. We're not supposed to print anything that is contrary to the pro-vaccine agenda set by the White House," said Sal. He shrugged with open palms. That was it. That was the end of it. I tried one last futile track but I knew this was not going to go anywhere.

"How is that ethical Sal? That's not supposed to be how the media operates."

"Jim, it's all numbers. This could be the biggest fucking story in a generation but when the owner says its a no-go, then its a no-go. I have a family to feed Jim. I'm not going to lose my job over this."

And like that the Editor-in-Chief of the largest paper in the US had taken a shit all over the ethics of the press. I was clearly on a big story. One where my Whistleblower, as an employee of the CDC, had threats made from leadership in the CDC, FDA, and even the DOJ. And now, my own paper had an order from the top to kill any negative story on the vaccines. What good are ethics when there are people who are suddenly dying from heart attacks at the age of 26? Granted, it was going to be too late for many people. Was it the meteor scenario?

You know the one, some lone astronomer in Dayton Ohio sees a big rock hurtling toward the Earth, does the math, contacts the powers that be and then is told that they already "know" about the rock, and that their "experts" (more on the later) have assured everyone that this pebble in space is going to miss us by a hair,

The "experts" are never named. They're the people that the no-nothing's refer to but have no science or facts to back them up. If they did have something to back them up then they would name the experts that had the facts to prove it. That's why anytime the media or the government or a government agency says, "the experts" are on it, well... You should be fucking scared.

I was running out of options to get the story out. I already had suspended and censored accounts in Twitter and Facebook. That meant that Jack and Zuck had been "ordered" to kill the stories. When links to prestigious sites containing peer reviewed papers are censored by fake "fact checks" you have to get the idea that not all is well Denmark, or the US as the case may have been. Doctors who tried to speak out were having their licenses revoked. That's not science when you can't show your studies and opposition, that's straight up fascist tyranny. I even had to sneak into the fucking building because they were checking vaxx passes at the door. Pretty soon, making a live contact with someone would be out of the question. Have you ever had to plead your case over a Zoom call? It's not conducive to persuasion. I'm pretty sure that they would just mute me anyway.

I met my Whistleblower at a seedy hotel where you could pay for rooms by the hour, if you were so inclined, and had been on the news numerous times for having meth busts. When your room has a kitchenette and you have the Sudafed, that was a match made in heaven. Just don’t light the toxic fumes.

I knocked on the door once, pause, twice, pause, once, and then a quick succession of three. The door opened enough for me to slip in and there was Dr. Francis Copeland. He was standing there in an oversized coat, a hat out of the thirties, and a pair of fake spectacles, “Jesus Frank, it’s ninety degrees out there. Do you think this is being inconspicuous?”

“I’m going out of my mind Jim. I can’t stand going into work. We see the statistics coming through and we all look just look at each other but we can’t say a damn thing”

He looked like a wreck. Bags under his eyes. What little hair he had left was completely disheveled after he removed the hat. He even looked a little thinner than when I met with him just a few days before.

“So did your editor go for it, Jim?”

“Ah.. No. He shut me down.”

“What? Why? I’ve got the studies to prove it. I’ve got everything we’re seeing. This has to get out.”

“Yeah, and he’s got the owner of the paper that is telling him not to run anything. I swear to God, this has to be the biggest conspiracy and act of collusion since Hitler took over Germany.”

“What about Project Veritas? I can go there. I’ve seen their stuff. They’ll hide my identity.”

“I’m not going to tell you not to go to them but I will ask you one question, do you believe any of their vaccine coverage moved the dial?”

“It’s gotten information out there.”

“Right, I know that. That’s been invaluable but after the initial release of the videos, have you seen any legal action take place? Have you seen anyone in the drug companies or even the CDC get scared?

“Not really,” he said as deflated and sat back on the bed.

“Don’t get me wrong, Project Veritas is great but they’ve had some major releases lately and nothing has moved the dial. You’ve got papers that back up peer reviewed papers that are already out there but the links are being censored. You’ve got your leadership on tape saying that the CDC should hold course because the White House and the drug makers are adamant. You’ve got an internal paper that shows the VAERS info is correct and the all cause deaths and even cancers and clotting are way up since the vaccine. That’s all stuff we can show right now. But here’s the thing, the big media players are all being silenced and won’t touch this stuff and the little media players don’t have the credibility and power to move the dial. These fuckers have the truth boxed into a corner and have all but shut the light out.”

I told him straight up that I didn’t know what to do. We had hit a brick wall and we were being sidelined at every turn. The entire fucking system had gone corrupt.


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