Welp... The Conspiracy Theorists got their wish.

Due to the instability of the structure, the Georgia Guidestones have now been completely demolished. 

No leftist anywhere are crying because the monument meant nothing to them. It was simply a monument to the 80's Cold War and the threat of Nuclear Annihilation that we all lived under. It was a structure to show hope for humanity after a cataclysm. People didn't have to agree with the tenets written on it. 

The NWO and depopulation agendas weren't even a thing back then. It's sad that so many people layered today's issue on a monument that had nothing to do with them. 

So it's gone now. I'm glad I got to go several years ago. It was an interesting experience. It rained (downpour) the whole way there and then the sun broke through and we were able to get some great pictures in this mix of sun with storm clouds all around. 

I lost a bit of hope for humanity today. You can look at my last post as to why... 


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