My Style and a Pseudo EDCCW

I'm a big fan of the EDCCW* and EDC** subreddits. It's interesting to see what people are carrying on them. Both for self defense and in general. Though tech people still carrying flash drives crack me up...

Anyway... I wanted to do one too. But since I work from home, it's not like I'm packing a weapon every day. However, I could because Georgia is a Constitutional Carry state. The Model 29 is a bit big to carry concealed but it can be done.

So maybe consider this one instead of EDCCW, a "my style" one instead.

- My Dorfman Pacific outback hat
- Fossil watch
- Ridge wallet
- Smith & Wesson pocket knife
- speed loaders with 6 rounds each
- S&W Model 29 w/6 1/2 barrel
- Surface Pro 8 as the backdrop
- Picture taken with the Pixel 6 Pro

I guess you could say I like the classic stuff with Earth tones. My Ridge wallet is the only thing standing out. I love that wallet though. I got so tired of the bulky leather one.

As far as the watch, it's got hands. None of this smart watch junk for me. And the knife isn't even assisted (though I do have a few that are). I like the wood handle on the knife. It gives a much more classic look.

Gee... Maybe I need a bullwhip to go along with this? 

*EDCCW (Every Day Carry Conceal Weapon) **EDC (Every Day Carry)


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