A Political Epiphany of Sorts...

 *This goes with the last post (HERE) I wrote concerning the bombing of the Georgia Guidestones monument. 

I was thrown off today by how many social media posts there were from people on the right (my side), who were overjoyed at the destruction. It was like watching posts from ANTIFA and BLM while they tore down historical statues of Confederates. This is NOT how we should be acting. 

1) Someone made an explosive. 

2) Someone blew up private property.

3) Someone trespassed to do it. 

If we are a nation of law and order then the destruction of private property and history is not something to celebrate, no matter how much you dislike it. 

I hope the GBI finds the perps that did this and they are charged accordingly for their crime. 


Seeing some people you have a bit of trust and respect for on social media shift and take the road of the lawless left is a bit disheartening. I'm starting to think that maybe only my morality and ethics are on stable ground. You can't rail against ANTIFA, BLM, or lawless people destroying property but then show your second face and cheer on the destruction of property that you personally despise. That's a bit hypocritical. 


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