This, That, and the Other (June 2022 Edition)

 The state of the world my friends is... bad. 

The rule of law is no more. Checks and Balances are gone. What's wrong is now viewed as right. Men are women (complete clown world). Criminals are given compassion and law abiding citizens are treated like criminals. The leftist scourge is truly a hideous thing to view. And to top it off, we can easily prove the current presidential admin is fraudulent is any court in the nation would allow the evidence to be entered and looked at, which none have. It all stinks of massive corruption. I love my country but I really dislike our corrupt government. Things are only going to get worse. 

Online Admission

I'm not sure that blogging or writing certain things should even be a thing much longer, what with the rise of Big Tech/Government oppressive behavior. Free speech is under attack. 2A is under attack. Anything Constitutional is under attack now and simply writing about it, opens one up to being scrutinized by the imperial overseers. I wish this was fiction but... It's not. We're entering into very scary times. 


I'm not sure if I'll ever finish my book. It's in a perpetual 2nd rewrite but I haven't been actually writing lately. Not since I took this Tech Writer job anyway. So... for over 2 1/2 years now I've been burned out. I have ideas for things but to sit down and write is not something I want to do. Maybe when I get out of technology altogether (including tech writing), then I can concentrate on the book. I despise the technology field. I really wish I would have learned a trade instead of going into tech. 

Everyone was Fat and Fighting

I just read about a massive brawl on cruise with over 60 people involved and several decks. They have video too. The first thing that hit me was that it really does seem like we are seeing more and more violence now. I know, I know... It's because we have social media and 24/7/365 access to everything.... But that no longer jives. We've had this level of access for a decade plus and right now, the violence is much higher than ever before. Especially in groups. These group fights are everywhere now. 

The second thing I noticed, and I've been noticing this from just being out and about, everyone is fat now. The majority of the people in the group fight were all over weight. When I went to a concert in early 2021, I was a beanpole to the average weight of the audience. It seems like everyone ran with the "body positivity" fad and became fat. They were just like, "Screw it, I'm done. Fat it is." It's definitely more than just a trend. 

The Friend Test

Are you normally the one that gets your friends together? Do you normally make the call? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you didn't make the call? Would your "friends" take it upon themselves to make the call? Would they even take it upon themselves to call or text you to shoot the shit? Well, I put that to the test in June and the answer is NO. No they would not call or text and that's just how it is. 

I tried to get a group of us together in May. On my birthday no less, though I didn't mention it was my birthday. I just wanted to get some old friends together. Only one showed up from that group and then one from outside that group (3 weeks advanced notice is not enough notice). There were words that maybe everyone would get together in June. Okay, fine... But I want to see someone else take the initiative. No initiative to be found. 

Friendship IRL takes work and it doesn't seem to be something the people I know IRL have any care for. It is, what it is, is about the only thing I can say to that. 

The Wrap

That's all I got for now. Time to send this post off to the internet void. 


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