Book Review: The Troubleshooter: Four Shots by Lewis Knight

 The Troubleshooter: Four Shots by Lewis Knight is a 4 story kick off to the The Troubleshooter series. I think the 4th story takes place sometime after the first proper novel in the series (now in the number 2 spot of the sequence) so there will be references that may give away future revelations. Still... This is a really good set of short stories that takes hard boiled detective noir and crosses it with cyberpunk (or dieselpunk but it seems like it is much more cyberpunk to me). I love the first person point of view and the dialogue here. You can hear those noir detective 30's to 50's voices in your head as you read it. 

I'll definitely be adding the rest of this series into my reading rotation. 

Plus, I love the cover art!!!

2022 Book Title Completion Count: 9


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