Book Review: The Last Mile by Jeff Somers

 Avery Cates: The Last Mile (Part 2 of the The Machines of War) is the latest episode in the life of Avery Cates and his trek to get to a secret System Security Federation base that might have the last working technology on the planet. 

For those new to how the Avery Cates stories are being written now, Mr. Somers writes several parts in novella format, than when all of the parts are released, they are put together and sold as one book in digital and print editions. 

This being my favorite once cyberpunk but now more post apocalyptic series, I'm always waiting in high anticipation for more Avery Cates stories and The Last Mile doesn't disappoint. You have Avery's wit and humor, first person action, and a cast of characters both unique and and interesting that surround are anti-hero. 

This is under a 100 pages and a quick read. Definitely not a starting place for those that want to get into the series. You will definitely want to go back and start at book number 1: The Electric Church and see what all has occurred to get us to this point. I highly recommend this series.

2022 Book Title Completion Count: 7


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