The 2nd Amendment is VERY Clear


Because the left is too low IQ and doesn't have any amount of comprehension....

The first line:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,

This line is for the rights of the states. The states are well within their power to form their own militias that they themselves regulate. This is a right to the states, so that should the government become a tyranny and try to oppress or move on them, they can fight back.

That line ends in a comma, and the 2nd line then deals specifically with the individual people.

The second line:

the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,

The people are the citizens of the country. They have the right to keep their weapons, guns, etc... And bear them (use them).

And to make the entire statement unambiguous (as the dumbasses on the left like to claim it is all so ambiguous because they are too dumb to understand English) they finalize the statement with:

shall not be infringed.

Everything before this shall not be infringed. The federal government cannot stop states from creating and maintaining their own militias and the federal government cannot stop the people from owning and bearing arms in any way. No restrictions, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

There is zero ambiguity in this amendment.

The left likes to then bring up free speech and the first amendment. "But you can't yell fire in a theater or call in a bomb threat"...

For one, it's a different amendment. Second, you can absolutely be an asshole and yell "fire" or call in a bomb threat, and you will get in trouble for it because it breaks a law. The same way murder breaks a law. You still have the ability to do it just like you have the ability to use a gun on a person. That moves into the breaking of a law. The government cannot restrict you from saying something just like it cannot restrict your of the right to own and use firearms. It can make laws regarding that they not be used for on people for murder. That's different. The right exists and cannot be infringed. The outcome of use is dealt with by a law. Murder is illegal. So that law is valid. It does not give the government the right to infringe or take away one's right before a law is broken.

Our Constitution is there to protect our rights from just the sort of nitwits in the left that are always trying to take them away. There is zero ambiguity here. I know the left likes to change words and terminology these days to fit their low IQ but we need to make sure they don't. They need to be called on it, just like a man is a man and a woman is a woman and neither can change their biological gender.

There is also nothing in that amendment that says the federal government can regulate the people from owning firearms. The only mention of regulation is in the line dealing with the states ability to regulate and set up a separate militia to the federal government. You can't skip from that line to the next and say they can regulate the people, that's not what that comma does. 

Pretty damn clear.


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