Book Review: Pronto by Elmore Leonard (Justified)

 Reviewing stuff is getting tedious. They don't get views or conversations over here on the blog. I'll probably just move them back over to MeWe and call it a day. Or post a screenshot version here like this: 

Maybe that's all I want to do with reviews for Movies, TV, Books, Comics... I'm reviewed out. There doesn't seem to be as much interest in people reviewing stuff via blogs these days. Sadly, it all goes down on social media. Even then... reviews are subjective to the person so if you think about it, they don't really mean much to anyone but that person. The only insight one can get into something, is to see, read, experience it for themselves. 

I'm definitely not a review influencer. I'm too opinionated. 

2022 Book Title Completion Count: 3


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