The Misinformation of Misinformation

 Over the last 2 and half years (first with the 2020 election and then with Covid virus and vaccines) we have witnessed Big Pharma, Big Media, Big Tech, Public Health, and the Government spew misinformation left and right, all the while claiming that those calling them out were the ones using misinformation. It's a tired a tactic but one the surface level understanding general public take. They take it because they are too submissive and incapable of critical thinking. Where once schools taught kids how to think for themselves, now those same schools indoctrinate and tell kids how they should think. More establishment narrative junk. 

Those calling the establishment out, offering up evidence to issues, and showing cause and effect, have been blocked, suspended, or deplatformed by the establishment at every turn. The "good guys" don't censor. The bad guys do the censoring so they don't have to explain anything and can continue to push the actual false narrative. That's how you know who the bad guys are. They're the ones trying to stop information flow and the real truth from getting out. You don't push for censorship unless you are afraid of the truth getting out.

Now you look at Elon Musk's play on Twitter and the media and the government (apparently the DOJ is getting involved... how deep is the collusion here???) is trying to stop him from taking ownership because he would push Twitter toward FREE SPEECH. This is America and the left (the establishment) is terrified of losing control of the narrative, so much so, that they are trying to tell people that "free speech is dangerous." Another establishment narrative to make people fear the truth. Again, this is America where Free Speech is a pillar of our society. Those working against it, are absolutely the bag guys in EVERY way, shape, and form. 

Personally... I'm getting tired of it all. Those pushing censorship or any place that is supposed to be considered the authority on news and information, are nothing but liars. EVERY "FACT check" is a bullshit narrative from the left. And they use dumb excuses and word play to invalidate opinions just so they can slap the FALSE sticker on them. Anyone with half a mind can see that the FACT check is FAKE, if they actually read the whole story, but again... the general public lives on the surface of information. They don't think. That is dangerous. 

In the 50's, the dream was to go to space, reaching out, and exploring. Instead, we got the internet, going inside, stupidly thinking that everyone should be connected and get along, and believe the same things. What a downer. 


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