Book Review: Riding the Rap by Elmore Leonard

 If you have watched Justified, then this book is the basis for the third episode in the first season, Fixer. Names and locations have changed but for the most part, the story still holds true to the book. 

The Plot: Some felons decide to try kidnapping for a change. But instead of asking someone for the ransom, they want the person they kidnapped, to pay up. But to do that, they think they have to break them down, Beirut hostage style. When Raylan's girlfriend's, friend, is kidnapped, he starts to dig around to try and find him. 

These books have become a joy to read. The dialogue is everything here. It makes the book. It tells the story. It's nice to get a story in this way, instead of over description from the third person narration. These are quick reads too and good palate cleansers between the bigger books out there. 

2022 Book Title Completion Count: 4


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