I Kind-of Hate the Internet

Don't get me wrong, I like media aspects of it, like streaming and being able to have access to movies, TV, music, and books, for instant gratification. But the news and social media is all shit. We already know that the establishment news media all work from scripts and narratives assigned from the top down. The US news media sells lies and misinformation on a daily basis, all the while telling you that they don't. And the kicker... you believe them. 

Then you have the tech sites, who get that same establishment narrative and make sure any alternative thought is not going to get through to others unless the elitist at the top have signed off on it. Queue the social media censorship.

If it's not censorship then it's a bunch of hive mind followers virtue signaling whatever the dumb issue of the day/week/month is. Hey buddy, did you change your profile pic to support the plight of the carrot farmers? You need to, if you want to join the resistance. Fucking morons. 

Or you have something like we have, this very day. An actor slapped a comedian host on a dumb awards show last night, so today... Everyone is posting about it. It's the click bait blogger news of the day. YouTubers are rushing to get their hot takes registered. Social media is a stream of an even more endless barrage of hot takes and jokes. The dumbest of the dumb (and possibly fake) events, becomes the hit water cooler online theme of the day. Oy Vey.... This is not an enlightened society. 

I have fewer and fewer sites I go to these days. Mainly, because I don't trust anything the "sources of truth" put out anymore. If you can't show me the studies, the video, the audio and just want to tell me what the "experts" (who the fuck are these experts that are never called out???) say, then you are part of the problem. Critical thinking means more than mind bending "experts' paid to shovel a bunch of bullshit into your head. Think for yourselves. And stop joining in on the reindeer hive mind games. 


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