Amazon's Rings of Power Marketing is Super Cringe

 Amazon released a Super Cringe Super Fans video on YouTube for the Rings of Power series, then promptly un-listed it, because the true fans called it out for what it was as: Woke Garbage. It would appear that Amazon has decided that to sell the Rings of Power, they must go full speed ahead Woke. The "super fans" (paid actors most likely) spend most of the time talking about representation and diversity. No real mention of the lore, staying true to Tolkien's vision, or anything remotely worthy of The Lord of the Rings. The show is shaping up to be a massive slap in the face to Tolkien, his legacy, and his much loved stories. As if the Amazon show runners could write and do Tolkien, better than Tolkien already did. 

The Peter Jackson film series for The Lord of the Rings wanted to honor Tolkien's vision. They kept modern day activism out of it. It has no place in this universe. Tolkien created the series to be a story and fairytale for the English, since the English had so few of their own. That's why all of the diverse races are white. If you just want to slap the creator of this story in the face, then by all means, add in your modern day diversity and we'll just think of it as a badly made fanfic series, which is what it appears to be. 

Nerdrotic has a pretty good summary of what we appear to be getting: 

I'm most likely NOT going to watch this fanfic. I didn't watch Amazon's Wheel of Time either. Sword, and magic, and sandals in the modern era pale in comparison to the 80's. The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Spartacus may have been the last remnants of good storytelling and interesting fantasy on a large scale. I enjoyed The Outpost too, but that was a completely made up fantasy world that was separate from any prior history. Tolkien's world, is NOT. Tolkien created a detailed lore that is being shoved aside for the sake of Woke activism.

The point is, diversity and inclusion is NOT needed in every show or movie. Do I expect to see white people in a Chinese Kung Fu flick? NO. Do I expect to see white people walking around in Wakanda in the MCU's Black Panther? NO. So by that same token, I don't expect to see other Earth races walking around in fantasy settings where there was never any description of them. I don't need to "see myself" being "represented" in a movie or TV show to enjoy it. If that's something people really feel like they need, then that's more of a mental health issue for them. It's not racist or bigoted to feel this way. Those who hurl those labels at you, for feeling this way (not needing to see representation in everything), are usually the most racist and bigoted people. They just can't recognize it in themselves. 

More and more, old shows and movies are being rebooted, race washed, gender washed, and pushed out as an improvement to the original, and that's just not the case. They're just poor fanfics that do not concentrate on storytelling and instead put this divisiveness of "representation" as the most important reason for the property to even exist. True fans have the source material. The fake and shallow fandom, that only cares about "representation", has their soulless fanfics, because they can't deal with being true to the creators vision and story. Hubris indeed. 

I'm finding that more and more I enjoy older content over the new stuff, just because it is more real and organic. In cases of being from a book, it actually carries the spirit of the book and doesn't add in activist crap that has no need to be in the story. Seriously... if all you think about is diversity and inclusion... get a life. 


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