New Years Resolution for 2022

I need to figure out how I can free myself
from the corpo world, and technology in particular. I thought that by moving from IT networking and hardware to technical writing, I would be freeing myself from the brunt of working on technology and that would let me leverage my love of writing. After close to 2 years, this has not been the case. 

The worst thing that happened is that I haven't worked on my book in close to 2 years now. It turns out, that when you do writing for a living, as in, on stuff you wouldn't normally do, it turns you off from writing the fun stuff you enjoy doing. So other than some blogging and such, my enjoyment of sitting down to write in the world I created is... Not something I want to do after writing a bunch of technical documentation stuff. 

I need an out. I need to work for myself. I need to be out of technology. I need to not be using writing for work (unless later on I can sell a book and then the fun writing makes me money). I need to escape stand ups, mind numbing meetings that accomplish next to nothing, I need to be away from the "know it all's" that jockey for positions and power where no competition is even in play. Just utter nonsense. I honestly don't know how businesses get anything done. It's those corpo games that just stress the shit out of me. I don't enjoy playing them. I get it, there are games anywhere you go but at least when you aredoing your own thing, you can control an amount of what you tolerate. 

I'm thinking about getting my real estate license again. I can add Drone Photography to that too. That would be fun. Then I could use FUN technology but not have to work on it, support it, or read about any of the boring shit that goes into making it work. I love using consumer technology but honestly, I don't give a shit how it works, as long as it works. My interest in how the technology accomplishes what it accomplishes is non-existent. 

I've been putting it off but what better time than a new year to jump into a new initiative? 

I guess that's my only plan B. I wish I could say I had it all figured out but I don't. All I'm doing right now is watching my life waste away from Monday to Friday doing stuff that doesn't feel important. Sure it makes really good money, but I still feel empty inside. Even now, sitting here and typing this, all I'm thinking about is going back Tuesday and dealing with work stuff. The one silver lining is that it will be a 4 day week and the weekend will arrive faster. 

I want to have what my wife has with work, to be able to love my job and love doing what I'm doing. Where it doesn't feel like work. I think at this point, I can safely say that anything in technology is not going to cut it. I am bunt out on the technology field. 


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