Movie Review: The Matrix Resurrections

 Going into The Matrix Resurrections (watching it on HBOmax), I thought this movie would be trash. What was the purpose? Why extend the trilogy? Was this just going to be another Indiana Jones 4 money grab? Well.. I stand corrected. I thin that this just may be my movie of the year!

I absolutely loved this movie. It's timely in so many way. The ideals of fighting for freedom from oppression (The new Matrix/ Our current day Establishment), the need for people to exercise free thought with differing opinions and not be forced into obeying the rules of the oppressors. In a lot  of ways, this movie SCREAMED stop listening to the junk that the establishment is lying to you about (Vaccines, masks, lockdown mandates and passports), and wake up to see that you are just a pawn in their game of control. 

I also loved the duality of Neo and Trinity being the "one" when they are together (man and woman, yin and yang, etc..). This was NOT a "woke" Matrix, by any means. If anything, it was a call for people to wake up to their individuality, reclaim their freedom, and live their lives in their own way. 

The critics are saying the story is "to complex" but it's not. You can put the dots together and it works really good. The opening 40 minutes or so, you may think that it is so "meta" that they are making fun of the original trilogy, but you'd be wrong. Remember, you're in the matrix. There's a reason things are a bit different now. That's all explained too. Those with less critical thinking, will probably find it hard to link things together. I mean, they're only used to animated live action superheroes and boom, boom, boom on the screen. This movie may actually tax their power to think. But for the rest of us, who know the original trilogy, it will make sense. 

And then there was Sense8. Some of the Sense8's were in this movie and it was awesome to see them together again. Come on Netflix, can't you bring it back for a new story arc? Please?

Anyway... Take the Red Pill (in real life, and in going to see this movie). It's worth it. 


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