March on a Road of Bones

 It's time for a refresh. 

Welcome to a The Ninja Writes.

2022 is coming and it is all about the FREELANCE. It's all about the HUSTLE. It's all about putting my writing first to promote ME. That means pushing my writing here and putting all of my political content over on Substack. Add to that, my main Social Networking site on MeWe, where there are a ton of great people to meet, who are brought together by interests and the exchange of ideas. 

Spider Jerusalem - Transmetropolitan

Sometimes I say controversial things. Sometimes things get political. Sometimes things are just wacky and fun. Ergo... The need for separate sites that cater to needs for writing. However, with all of that said, one thing is for sure... I'm tired of being silenced and holding my tongue while the bastards openly walk all over those who hold different opinions from them. As long as we take the high ground and stay silent, we will continue to be walked upon. 

Enough is enough. It's time to move forward.


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