Embracing the Luddite

 Honestly... Technology (for the most part) bores the shit out of me these days. I really don't care how or why something works, only that it works. When it comes to technology, I like my Pixel 6 Pro, my Chromebook Slate, Alexa, and Fire TV. Everything else is just noise and boring buzzwords. I don't care about the latest version of Windows or whatever flavor of Linux is out there. SaaS is just terminology for, "We sell you a subscription for software that is never completed, but come along for the ride and let us rape your budgets." When you look up "half assed" in the new world dictionary, it should show a software or OS company. 

Once upon a time, I was interested in the how and why of technology. Then I supported it and wrote about it and now all I can think of, is never having to deal with it ever again. I think consumer tech is interesting. like robots and such. But networking, programming, or anything back end is mindlessly boring to learn about. Things are becoming too complicated now. Technology was supposed to make things easier, not give us a fucking headache learning about some obscure crap that has no bearing on anything. Ergo.... why I like Android, ChromeOS, and things that are easy to use and understand. No instructions needed. THAT is superior tech. 

Part of the problem is, it all moves so fast. Look, I can only deal with so many acronyms per day. And all of the cutesy spellings for "tech stuff" is a nightmare (thanks iPhone). Pretty much any desktop program is just dull as shit these days. Mobile apps have better UI and are not as convoluted. You can open a good mobile app and figure it out in less than 5 minutes. Desktop programs still come with layers of documentation and learning curves that say to the user, "Do you really want to dive into this horrified mess? Do you?" My answer... NO (looking at a ton of art programs out there). 

Things that interest me: Writing, real estate, metal making, carpentry, wood working, how to make a damn bench. Tell you what, a good bench will outlast probably 100% of the programs and technology out there right now. There's a longer permanence to it. SaaS has no permanence. It's designed to be quarterly driven. Talk about a scam. And the world bought into these scams. We are living in sheep central. Just look at the world today, people are pacified to the point where they don't even demand a product last. Why??? Planned obsolescence should not be viewed as a good thing.  

I would not even place technology in my top 10 interests anymore. It's just NOT interesting outside of the things I already use it for. It's not bringing people together, so much as tearing people apart these days. Who would have thought that the cavemen were onto something??? 


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