Star Trek isn't as "Progressive" as the Left likes to Remember

Or… The Left has now gone so FAR LEFT that they no longer resemble any of the values they once held dear.

Writers log: Stardate 99277.17
Star Trek: The Next Generation S3 Ep16 The Offspring

In this episode Data creates another Android, whom he sees as his daughter. Starfleet comes to take her away and Data and Picard object.

So now let’s look at this through the looking glass of today.

“Order a man to hand his child over to the state, not while I’m his Captain.”
- Captain Picard

By the lefts recognition, we are under the state. By the reckoning of the Department of Education, kids belong to the state and parents don’t have the authority they once possessed. That seems to be the ultimate goal these days. There have been Department of Education officials that have Tweeted this even.

I have to say… Just from my viewing of ST:TNG, I find that the call for Star Trek being “progressive” is over exaggerated. This defense of parents rights is quite a conservative ideal. At one time, even the left valued their parental rights and the responsibility for raising their children. Perhaps the left have now gone so far left, that values they once had in the 1990’s are long gone and now just to be found in the time capsule that is a past snapshot of pop culture. If so, that is quite sad.

I suppose the progressive part of this episode could be that a sentient android should be given the rights, liberty, and freedom of a human. In which case, I also agree with that. Whether sentience comes from a human being born and growing the traditional way or sentience is attained another way, to not agree, is to cast a sentient being into slavery.

Suffice it to say… I think ST:TNG did a good job of walking a line between right and left. Probably a reason why people overwhelmingly enjoy the show. It found a middle ground. I wish today’s TV and Movies could do the same thing.


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