Dear Business Leaders,

I know that the money is the whole point of doing business but... When certain governments or companies are acting unethically or have no moral compass, maybe you shouldn't be compliant and help them by taking their blood money for your services. 

For instance, I get it... Government contracts bring in a lot of money. But if the government is doing shady things, do you want that blood money? By that I mean, pushing illegal mandates at the expense of freedom and liberty? Misusing "public health" in the name of tyranny. Do you think that taking their money does anything but help them along???

The same goes for Big Pharma. They are pushing untried, experimental platforms on the public and goading the government to push them through mandates. The platforms do not stop someone from getting sick. They don't stop the spread of the virus. They don't even stop the person from going to the hospital or dying. Yet Big Pharma is making billions of dollars off the government, to push this stuff. And let's not kid ourselves here... The FDA giving approval to a sku that has never been released while the sku being used is protected by the government from any lawsuits, stinks of all sorts of corruption. So entering into business deals with these companies just helps them along. It's blood money. 

Trucking companies, why are you taking/making delivery from Big Pharma? Why are you taking/making deliveries for government agencies? You are accepting blood money. Your compliance is helping them move their anti freedom and liberty policies forward. 

I'm all for capitalism but at some point ethics and morality have to be factored in. Taking the money and turning a blind eye to clearly unconstitutional, unethical, and immoral behavior from a company or government, has to end. Being complicit in the transaction is being complicit in the tyranny itself. 


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