Vaccine Passport Booster 10; A story of Booster Shots Forevermore…


It’s the end of 2025.
A man has had enough of being locked out of restaurants and going to the movies because he does not have a vaccine passport. So he goes to his local shot shop.

John Smith: Yes, I’ve had enough. You win. I’ll get the jab. Just let me get back into society.

General Physician: Right then. We’ll start you off on the initial double jabs that have to be separated by a month. And then we’ll start you down the booster cycle. We’re currently on booster 10. So…. (does some calculations)… By the end of 2026 we should have you caught up on boosters and then you can rejoin society… maybe…

John Smith: Maybe? What’s that mean? And why do I have to take that many boosters?

GP: Well now… it wouldn’t be fare if everyone else took that many jabs and you didn’t. Besides, the vaccine passport goes off the number of jabs.

John Smith: Are the boosters all different then?

GP: (Laughs)… No, no, not at all. Boosters are all the same. But like I said, you need the number in the passport to match the number given. Government mandate right there.

John Smith: And what was the “maybe” part again?

GP: Well… We’ve never actually had someone survive the booster gauntlet and catch up. So chances are fairly good, or bad for you, but good in statistical analyses terms, that you won’t make it.

John Smith: So I’m an outcast forever or I can choose to die? That’s all the options I have???

GP: Yeah, sorry. That’s the government for you. Now go ahead and roll up your sleeve and let’s get started, shall we…


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