Book Review: Korn - Follow the Leader by Laura Shenton

This book came out right in time for Korn’s 2021 tour,
which I was more than happy to have gone to the 8/8/21 show in Alpharetta, Georgia. This was not my first Korn show by any means. I’ve been a fan of this band since before the first album was released, when they were only on college radio. I got to meet them (along with 15 or so other people) at a Tower Records signing before their show that night at The Masquerade (A 1,000 person capacity venue where the entire floor became a pit, all the way back to the people on the pool tables). I’ve seen them many more times over the years too. So it was nice to have a book about them as a band come out.
8/8/21 Alpharetta, GA

While this book has no direct link to Korn, it compiles articles and interviews from throughout their career. Specifically painting the picture of the album’s creation and the time around the making of their third album, Follow the Leader. Short of going out and tracking down every music magazine interview out there, this book does the job for you. You get insights into what each member was thinking, feeling, doing and how the process came together, and the partying too.

8/8/21 Alpharetta, GA

For the most part, I really enjoyed the book. There are times when the interviews that were used can become repetitive and you feel like you have already been over some of the info (especially towards the end). Having said that, any fan of Korn, is going to enjoy reading this. Now if we could just get a massive full history, interview, coffee table picture book like U2BYU2 (KornBYKorn or KornBynroK maybe). That would be awesome!!!

2021 Book Title Completion Count: 25


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