Fun FACT: I've Applied for a Job at Google Every Year Since 2009

I generally use Google products from Android to ChromeOS. I was in a beta test group for Google+ (with a pretty big following) and one of the earliest people on that network. Google products just work for me. Sure, when they ditch something I use, it hurts. I don't always agree with everything the company does but overall, I'm still a Google user. Getting a job with Google is still a bucket list item. 

So even if everything is a-okay with my current job at the time, I still apply every year for a job at Google. I think the closest I've come was in the running for a contract tester of the Pixel phone at the time. I don't want to be a contractor though. I want to be a full fledged NOOGLER and then a GOOGLER. I want to wear the the colorful hat with the propeller, dang it. 

I'm fully aware that my age is getting up there. I've well past the 40 year mark and I know that Google usually only takes in the 20 and early 30 somethings... I'm aware of the reality of how hard it would be to achieve this bucket list item. 

EDIT: I probably won't be applying again anytime soon. The vaccine mandate they have put on their employees is HARD NO for me. No employer, let alone government, should ever dictate one's personal health. So this bucket list item will probably never get out of the bucket. Oh well...



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