Facebook Censors Q&A Because they Disagree with the Answer Given


I was asked, "What is your opinion on getting or not getting the vaccination?" on Facebook. I went on to answer in the comment and immediately after hitting the reply, Facebook dinged me, hid the comment, and said this goes against their community guidelines. I clicked that I disagreed with their take on it but I don't expect that will ever be looked at. 

So I went back to try and rephrase my reply, at which point Facebook dinged me and put me in a 24 hour timeout. So basically, I had no way to explain my logical position because Facebook disagreed. I don't even know what words they were monitoring for their dumb algorithm to ding me??? It's amazing to me that a site where people should be able to converse, is so damn one sided, and biased in their position, that logic and a persons opinion can be censored like this. 

Facebook, in a word, is TRASH. 


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