Book Review: The Red Line by Jeff Somers


The Red Line by Jeff Somers is a 30 page short story that finds Lem and Mags tied up and abducted with a human that is to be used as a bleeder. As a quick recap, In order to use magic, one must use blood as the "gas" to power the spell. You can cut yourself, cut someone else (a bleeder), or for those truly maleficent mages, you can start a war, kill thousands, even millions, and wield supreme power. 

So what does one do when they are tied up, unable to bleed, and have a ball gag in their mouth and can't speak the words? Will Lem cross his "red line" and use the blood of another? Well... You're going to have read The Red Line to find out. 

The Red Line can also be found bundled with 2 previous Ustari Cycle shorts stories in the collection called Magic is Violence

It's really good urban fantasy and if you like The Dresden Files, then you will like The Ustari Cycle, starting with We Are Not Good People. So check it out!!! 

2021 Book Title Completion Count: 23


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