What was Lorde thinking???

I really like Lorde's music. There's a level of truth and realism to it that is missing from other singers. She's the Alanis Morissette of now (obviously not the same type of music but the realism behind it is there, like it was for Morissette).

However... I think the pop-bimbos ( like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, ETC...) have enticed her to change her image from realism to being fake like theirs. Her music doesn't require skimpy clothing to persuade people to listen in, yet the more she hangs with people like Swift, the more she transforms.
This album cover (hopefully just a singles cover) for Solar Power seems to be a product of that transformation. Hopefully someone can talk some sense into her. She would have a very long career if she sticks to her truth instead of succumbing to bubblegum pop. Her music is much more real with more staying power than the queens of bubblegum pop.  


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