Facebook has Banned this Artwork

CYBER Suicide by Konstantin Bratishko has been banned on Facebook as "Promoting Suicide." Never mind the FACT that this now classic Cyberpunk piece is a warning against the addiction of social media and being connected 24/7/365 and that doing so is like "committing suicide". I was using it as my banner picture and they removed it and then splashed up a message that it promotes suicide. 

You can't post non-narrative opinion on Facebook. You can't apparently post Cyberpunk art on Facebook. You can't post any factual studies on viruses (the actual studies, not the media spin). You can't post any political point of view. What the fuck is Facebook good for? 

No one sees anything I post on Facebook anyway. Regardless of it being political, news, or photos around the house... The people that follow me over there have even told me that they never see my posts unless they go to my profile. So now, I've deleted all of my posts, save for one that tells people to reach me on MeWe or on my blog. Facebook has become a pointless platform. 

I think I will post this blog post on Facebook though, just to see if they delete the post due to the above picture showing in the preview. 


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