The Narrative for a 70% Vaccinated population

***This was originally written and posted on my Medium account but Medium has decided that showing an observable cause and effect set of circumstances is "conspiracy theory" now. You are not allowed to show A, B, C and how they connect to D. This is quite disturbing. Critical thinking and deduction are against the rules now. This is crazy to me.*** 
Cause and Effect is a great thing to use with logic and reason. If you use it correctly, then you can connect the dots and see the political and media narratives take shape before your very eyes. The political powers that be and those in the media that “create the narrative” don’t like it when individuals and people in general, use their brain and connect the dots. Sadly, many people in the general public do not do this. They instead prefer to be part of the audience that is led by the narrative being spoon fed to them.

Recently, Biden stated that he wanted to get the American people to a 70% point of vaccination for Covid-19. With vaccinations already falling off because you see no real benefit from it and in fact, there have been over 3,000 deaths and injuries already, he is very unlikely to get to his line in the sand. Enter the new narrative:
The media is now starting to spin up stories that Big Pharma is now pushing to vaccinate 2–11 year old kids. This was followed by a trial for 12–17 year old kids and how the “experts” (who are never named by the way) say it is 96% effective. Yet, getting Covid-19 naturally and passing it is over 99% effective with no injury, death, or unknown long term effects. We then started to get stories that children now account for 20% of all Covid-19 infections. Strange, that was never an issue before. So why is happening now all of sudden?
If you go to the CDC site, they explain how the common cold or the flu can be categorized as Covid-19 because they are in fact Corona viruses. So all of the stories about the flu mysteriously disappearing this year are not necessarily correct. The cold and flu are still here, they’re just all being lumped into the Covid-19 group. But hey, lets listen to the CDC talking heads who are trying to extend this so maybe they can get more grant and government money, instead of going to their site (which they never reference) and looking at their raw data.

To get to 70%, we can assume some things from the narrative being put together above. The best shot Biden has to do this, is vaccinate the kids. Ergo, why we now have the stories coming out that pertain to kids and Covid-19, which we did not have before. Well how is he going to do this if the parents won’t take the kids in to be vaccinated? Make it a mandatory vaccination for attending public school or any school that is taking government money. Then he gets ever closer to his magical 70% hurdle.

 What’s the old saying? Follow the money. We should try doing that. Then maybe we would see how a virus with a 99%+ survivable rate has been turned into this health crisis. Even the national death statistics for 2020 are in line with the death statistics from 2017–2019. The fact is, whether it is the flu or Covid-19 or something else, people will die from it. Lock downs and face masks (all proven to not be ineffective by 4 big studies, including Stanford University, while the CDC and WHO can point to no big studies that prove otherwise) are political and media theater to keep the fear mongering going. Big Tech is out there to silence and censor any one who points to the raw data, or the big studies, or the cause and effect logic here. Why? To what end?

*** To Comply with Google Blogger Content Policies: I am not advising any individual to not get vaccinated or to get vaccinated. That should be the decision of the individual and no one else. I'm pointing at media narrative, FACTUAL articles released to the public, FACTUAL CDC information found on their site. This is using critical thinking and cause and effect logic to point to an order of events and narrative that one can assume. It is for the individual to decide if they think the narrative is valid or not.***


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