Spider-Man Remastered (PS5) and Dull Character Design

Spider-Man Remastered PS5

My friend is playing Spider-Man Remastered
on the PS5 and recording it for YouTube. He asked me yesterday if I had watched any of them. I had only watched the first one. The play mechanics are the same as any Spider-Man game (Ultimate Spider-Man is still the BEST Spider-Man game IMHO) but the character designs are so uninspiring. Look at Peter and MJ in the game vs the way Todd McFarlane drew them in the 90's. Night and day. Dull now but vibrant and fun to look at back then.
Spider-Man as drawn by Todd McFarlane in the 90's

I get it... the game is going for realism. That was another reason that I got out of gaming. Realism is kind of boring when you want to be taken away for your entertainment. I don't want to see the "representation" of boring in games. It's boring.

It's like the developers for games listened to the mad Twitter minority who demand that the boring, the ugly, and the dull be represented in video games because otherwise they will just scream... or something. So developers caved and now we have dull character designs with muted colors and an all around boring look to them. 

Maybe it was the feminists who have a war against anyone who looks like a model or is, you know... pretty. We can't have someone pretty to look at in a game. That will just make someone feel out of place and bad when they play it. Will it though? Really? Someone who is dull and boring in real life would rather play a game with dull and boring characters in a fantasy life? Wouldn't they want to get away from all of the dull and boring surrounding them? Who the hell cares about the "representation" of reality??? It's a dumb thing to base art on. Yet that is what video games, movies, TV, and commercials are starting to do, represent a boring reality that we all see everyday, while they hide the fantasy worlds we all used to escape to. 

Entertainment is supposed to be about escaping the reality of the day to day and enjoying a place that can take our minds away from all of that. Instead, all of the issues "out there" are now forced into our media and there is no escape from any of it. It's just more of the same old, same old, dull and drab world we already see. 


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