I Need Coffee, My Dark Bean, My Caffeine God

There was sleep in the eyes and not every electron seemed to be firing correctly in the brain. Morning time had come to wake me once again. Actually it was my damn alarm clock set to start the day before my conscience mind was ready to power on. I needed coffee. That life blood of the gods, my dark bean addiction, a caffeine god in its own right.

The aroma of brewing coffee is step one in calming the neurotic mind and putting thought processes in some kind of maintainable order. Before that bitter bean has touched one's tongue, the aroma has already begun the initial process of working its magic.

When it is time to pour your mug there is something in the chemistry of touch between the hand and that warm container that takes over just as the aroma becomes subtle to the nose. The heat has transformed into yet another kind of electric energy that travels through the palms of the hand and then straight in to the awakening brain.

The first bitter taste of the dark bean is like a warming shock to the system. Neural path ways are now running in sync and the full calming effect can be felt throughout the body. A sense of overall alertness and well being combine into a yin and yang dance of tasteful perfection. Let the day begin.

At home I will brew a nice big pot of whatever premium coffee I have. I get the full experience of that calming effect from the dark bean that can be felt through each phase of the caffeine addicted journey. It's much better than the coffee found in the work place and on location, the bland community coffee where the aroma phase is the one that is often left out since the brewing takes place in another room. The use of community coffee is much like the methadone that a recovering heroin addict is prescribed to use to tide them over and dull the craving. In other words, it gets you through the day and takes the edge off but is really a poor substitute for a good pot of coffee.

Cold weather, hot weather, any weather... The dark bean is a much needed source of sustenance and mental preparation for any day that is ahead. The experience is a celebration of all the senses and a tasty addiction to enroll in.

All praise the dark bean...

Written in 2015 by Jason Falter


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