Excerpt/Quote: Part 3 in The Scarlet Gospels by Clive Barker (the sequel to Hellraiser in Barker's canon)

Disclaimer: If this (the excerpt and what follows below) is somehow offensive to anyone, it is not meant to be. It is only a thought on the similarities of religion and current modern society thought processes and how they are similar as a blue print to accomplishing the goals they wish to achieve. It's worth thinking about!!! It is not an attack on religion. This struck me as intriguing in today's modern world of the "controlled one sided narrative".
The obvious comeback to the excerpt is that, "One "must have faith" that the one side is all that is needed to "know the truth".

The reply, "Do you have "faith" in what the one side (modern issues) tells you today?"

The comeback, "No of course not, but that is the word of man."

The reply, "The bible was written by man and only perceived as from God through faith."

"The comeback, "That's all I need."

Which is all the Woke and the people on the left seem to need now (from their faith in their side). They simply replace God with Government. Arguing that, that flips the script means nothing to the left because they have no faith in the belief of the right.

Arguing logic, reason, and fact is impossible when the opposing side expresses faith in something. You have no way to debate faith. And that's not just religion, that's in anything. If a person believes something devoutly and has total faith in it regardless of evidence to the contrary you have no way to debate their position.

The right has faith in God and not government. The left has faith in Government and not God. The two sides do not believe in what the other side has no faith in. So trying to use that as a method to convince either side is useless.

Wokism is on the scale of religious faith. You can call it a cult, but really, that describes all organized religion to some degree. That's just playing with words and ignoring the point.

How does one end the faith of something when the one with faith has no interest in the other side's story? Especially if the other side is not allowed to tell their story?

If there is no way, and religion is the blue print for Wokism, then there is no stopping the growth of Wokism.

Just something to think about...


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