Book Review: Tracker by James Rollins


Tracker is a short story that introduces Tucker Wayne and his canine partner Kane into a new series by James Rollins. This series is in the same world as his popular Sigma series (where Tucker and Kane show up in book 8 Bloodline). So this short story (a little over an hour read time) is an important bridge in the Sigma series. 

The Premise: Tucker and Kane are drawn into mystery surrounding gold treasure that had once been seized by the Nazi's and hidden somewhere in Budapest. He must help the daughter of researcher who has stumbled onto the location and has now gone missing. 

I liked how Tucker's point of view is in the past tense but when Rollins switches to Kane's point of view, he goes into a italicized present tense. It's a nice little change up that works very well when one of your main characters is a very smart and well trained canine. 

Just as with any Rollins book, it moves fast, is a fun read, and if Hollywood actually had any sense at all, built for an easy transition to the big screen. If you are reading the Sigma series, this is a must read so that you get the introduction to the characters going into Bloodline

2021 Book Title Completion Count: 20


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