Welcome to the Dead Zone!!!

No seriously... Google has relegated my blog to the Dead Zone ever since I removed Google adsense. Apparently, not allowing ads on your blog is a no no. Even in search, Google dings me because of this. When I search for my name on Google, this ACTIVE website comes up on page 2 of the search results. Sometimes at the top, but usually near the bottom. Meanwhile, the same search on Bing and my website is the top result on the first page. The same goes for DuckDuckGo, I get the top spot on the first page. 

The days of Google being the "most relevant" search engine are long gone. They've sacrificed relevance for paid and sponsored ad space and algorithms that prefer sites with advertising over those that do not. I'm sure the legions of Google fans will cry foul here. Let's remember though, fanboys are addicts. They love their brands to a fault. Instead of pointing out actual issues, they will ignore them because their god-money corporation can do no wrong. That's how businesses find themselves in echo chambers and lose touch with reality. Their ardent fans are the very ones that in some regards, bring them down because they defend everything, even when they are wrong. 

I've been able to get some words and articles out over on Medium via Medium publishers and site distribution. That brings in money to me from site subscription over there. I killed the adsense here because you to have make $100 before Google cuts you a check but the ads they place on the site are not the type of ads anyone is really clicking on. Talk about your hum drum banner ads from the late 90's... That's what they look like. They're ugly and in 15 years, I think I made only $48. Then Google did some change that dropped me down to nothing so, it was kind of pointless. The site looks better without ads anyway. 

I like how Medium has a subscription model. I also like how the social site MeWe has a subscription model. Both are user supported and not beholden to the advertising agencies. In today's world, the content creator is at the beck and call of the advertiser. So much so that one has to censor themselves or some company exec may become offended that someone on their payroll has a different opinion than the company line. At least with subscription models, it removes the iron fist of the advertiser to some extent. 

So this site is basically my online journal to the void (better than using Twitter for the same results and much less toxic). 


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