"Representation" Killed Content of Character

Awhile back when people on Twitter (DO NOT USE TWITTER) stated that MLK had been canceled, I felt a gut punch that reverberated all the way through my being. Segregation and racism were back, just not from the normal spaces we had known them to be from previously. The dream was being ripped apart in the name of "representation." 

We had found peace in content of character (for the most part), but with the election of Obama in 2008, it all started to slip away. He made "representation" a call to battle. One that made skin color or sex/gender more important for any and everything over a person's skill or content of character. Ever since then, Identity Politics has been used in the name of "inclusion" but has only accomplished division. You cannot have equality if you base anything on color, or sex/gender. Period and end of story. You are in effect, putting one group over another. The left now calls this "equity" as if the sins of the father should be paid by the sons and daughters. It's such utter nonsense. Equity is just another form of segregation for anyone who is being truthful. 

The left has rolled back Civil Rights in places like California so that Asian and white students can be discriminated against for college entry. The people voted for these civil rights but the political class with the University lobbyists have changed the will of the people with no vote. They call it equity to black and Mexican minorities. It's not, it's purely segregation and racism under a "legal" name. 

When you look at the statistics on every level, there is no such thing as "systemic racism" in this country, However, the left has made this an everyday term to incite a victim nature in the people that they think will give them a vote. An entire block of potential voters is being fear mongered by false statistics. Statistics that the media, social media, and the new ministry of truth, called "Fact Checkers" claim is real. The statistics don't back them up though. When you bring up the statistics, they say, "Math is racist." That's it. They drop the "racist card" at every turn to end discussion and deflect from the fact that they are lying. 

When you look at the media, social media posting, and riots, all you see are a mass encapsulation of people who are declaring themselves to be victims when they are not. Being the victim is the "in thing." It means the mob can go and break some shit. It accomplishes nothing and the rhetoric just divides the people more. Point this out and you are the "racist." See how this works? It's a circular system to keep people victims so that they continue to vote for a political class that will do nothing but keep them enslaved. Now saying this is shutdown because it would be called a "Conspiracy Theory." Nice catch terms to shut down the truth at every turn. 

It's a sad time in history when so many people believe that their only meaning in life is the sum of their race or sex/gender and nothing else. Neither of which mean anything. 

Racism and segregation are bad no matter who is doing it or where it is coming from. 


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