Movie Review: The Unborn (2009 - Tubi)

This is not a bad horror possession flick with elements of both The Omen and The Exorcist. You are dropped right into the haunting from the moment the flick begins. At 1 hour and 27 minutes you don't get much "character development" and that I think was the only drawback. With great talent like Carla Gugino (only in flashbacks), Gary Oldman, and Idris Elba, you could have easily expanded this to the 2 hour mark and given all three of them more depth to their characters.

The Premise: Casey (Odette Annable) is all of sudden being haunted and it has something to do with being a twin. As the haunting gets more and more dangerous she must find a way to deal with the entity that is coming for her.

CGI was used sparingly and never "relied upon" to carry the frights. Some good practical effects to be seen. For me it was more of a creepy movie with some good tension but I can see some people being lulled into some good jumps here.

Worth a viewing. It's a move that has "good bones".


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