Movie Review: Mortal Kombat (2021 - HBOmax)

Bad acting. No real plot. Cringe dialogue.

Remember how bad the original 1995 movie's plot was? It was better than this. This is like Power Rangers for kids but NOT for kids because there is an F word dropped every other sentence. So who is this for??? Too lame for adults and too mature for children. Maybe it's just for the hardcore fans of the game.

Premise: Why? Why bother? It's just a threadbare glimmer of a connecting story just to get to overdone CGI infused fight scenes. 

And big surprise, the main guy has to be saved by the girl when he's fighting another girl. This has to be the number one stupid trope in Hollywood today.

Oh yeah... And the CGI... Ugh... Not good. 

I'd say skip it. It's not worth wasting 2 hours on.


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