Movie Review: Look Away (2018 - Tubi)

I had remembered thinking the previews to this one looked pretty good and it holds up. Maybe file this one under pseudo-horror?

Premise: Maria is shy, gets picked on, and is not self assertive. However, Airam, herself on the other side of the mirror is assertive, uninhibited, and aggressive. When they switch, things get... complicated and deadly...

Overall... It was a pretty good movie. I'm not sure the mothers "subplot" was fleshed out enough to understand it. Something about twins or something. Anyway... they could drop that and just go with mental instability and hallucinations, and the main plot would still work.

It's worth checking out. I also think India Eisley (Maria/ Airam) along with Emily Browning (Sucker Punch) - (they remind me of each other) are two actresses that are underrated and should really get way more movie roles.


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