Movie Review: I Spit on Your Grave (2010 - Tubi)

This movie was one of the hardest movies to watch. You may find your morality tested and conflicted. It's a horror/ revenge flick that is brutal on both sides. This movie is NOT for EVERYONE!!!

The Premise: A young female novelist goes to a cabin to write. Several young men from town attack and brutally rape her. Then she goes after each one to get vengeance.

The first 50 minutes with her rape is VERY hard to watch. I kept thinking, okay, let's move on. WTH, why is this dragging on and on. They literally draw it out to make you as the viewer feel uncomfortable as hell.

I get why they did it though. In the next half of the movie, the woman gets revenge and when I say revenge, she gets BRUTAL revenge on them. I'm talking "Hostel/ Saw" like revenge.

Now as the viewer, because you had to experience what she went through (to a lesser extent), you are now on her side as she dispatches each of these rapists in very brutal ways.

The director and the writer took this movie to MPAA knowing it would get a NC-17 rating. The MPAA said, this will get an NC-17 rating but instead of cutting it, you should released it as "unrated" because this is the type of movie that gets under the skin and makes me people uncomfortable and makes them think.

I have to agree 100% with that. At the end of this movie you think about how you can see going beyond an "eye for an eye" after what they did to her. I know the poster is probably "titillation" but there is NOTHING titillating, sexy, or good about what these monsters do in the bulk of that first 50 minutes.

This movie has been hanging around the Tubi recommendations forever and since I'm on a horror kick lately, I figured, "What the hell." I think it's worth watching, however I would not watch it again. I will say, the end was satisfying.


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