Movie Review: The Conjuring 2 (2016 - Netflix)

Good but, not as good as the first one. And the reason... CGI. Specifically, The Crooked Man. The 2 times he shows up, the CGI is ridiculous and drops the viewer out of the experience. Otherwise... It was good. Standard jump scares and a medium amount of tension though again, not as high or effective as the first movie.

The Premise: This time a haunting in England. Not much changes from the premise of the first movie to the second.

CGI just looks too hokey in a horror movie. When you allow the human mind to make the leaps in fantasy, you get a much better tension or a scare, than spoon feeding CGI to the audience. It's like the news... Give the information and let the viewer decide what they think vs spoon feeding narrative that removes the viewers ability to use their own minds. It seems like everything these days is done to limit the viewers agent of mind.

It's worth seeing. I think this leads to and connects The Nun movies to The Conjuring Universe too.


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