Book Review: The Books of Blood Vol 1 by Clive Barker

Story 1: The Book of Blood
A creepy story of a ghost hunter and a fraud at the crossroads and interstate for the dead. When the ghosts find the fraud, they write their stories in his flesh thus setting up the stories to come.

Story 2: The Midnight Meat Train
A butcher on a NY train and dead humans hooked up like meat, but why and where are they being taken? I think the movie version did a good job of “fleshing” out a one hour read and providing more context. However, I think the ending in the story was probably better than the altered version from the movie. Just the visualization of it was a bit gruesome.

Story 3: The Yattering and Jack
A demon has been charged with making a man go insane but the man could care less. This one is geared more toward humor than horror but the elements of fright are still there.

Story 4: Pig Blood Blues
What does a massive pig in a sty, a suicide, and a boys correctional/reform center have to do with possession? You will find out in this creepy tale. There is more dialogue here than in the previous tales. It acts as a hook to pull you in by way of inflection. I felt like it was one of those “The Shining” type places where everything is cold and clinical and people talk in shadowed ambiguity. A good story.

Story 5: Sex, Death and Starshine
So what happens when the dead are fans of the theater? It's a nice little tale. Clive Barker's graphic sexual descriptions get a couple of rounds in this one. The prose and dialogue once again are standouts here.

Story 6: In the Hills, the Cities
Vacationing tourists come upon the citizens of 2 cities that use their own bodies to create “living giants” and fight it out every 10 years. This one is… weird. Just the premise is out there. Still a good read but weird.

2021 Book Title Completion Count: 15


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