Blogging to the Void


As far as personal blogs go, I think people find mine via Google Image Search and then snake the images and never ever bother to read anything. That's frustrating to be sure. I can write here, and get no engagement and no readership. I can write on MeWe and get moderate readership with more engagement than anywhere else. I can write on Medium and get sparingly read but make a couple of cents. It would be great if one place did the job of all but alas, there is not one blog to rule them all. 

I'm experimenting with my book and movie reviews on Medium because no one views them here. Google already relegates this blog to the 2nd or 3rd page (usually at the bottom) when you search my name. At least DuckDuckGo and Bing put this site as the top number one site with the same search. Google penalizes me because I turned off adsense. If you don't run ads, they don't push you. That's not "relevant search," that's paid and sponsored placement. Blogger is owned by Google and so... There you go. 

There are soulless writers out there. They publish blog post after article after blog post and so on and so forth all day long. 99% of their content is crap though. It's "How to make X $ blogging," or "10 things I do to blog" articles. Just crap that litters up the SEO and preys upon people who want to push actual content. These soulless writers don't actually write about anything except for the same "How to" content regurgitated in a variation. It's taking advantage of the algorithms and the SEO so they get views for crap, while people who actually write content that is interesting are relegated to the void. "Oh... nice to meet you. Do you come to here to write often?" 

I write, therefore I am. But what is that? I have no clue really. Fingers tap keys and translate thoughts and ideas into words and you, the audience is supposed to care? Funny, the audience does not exist in the void. There is no audience here. 

In today's fast paced world of Tik Tok and YouTube soundbites and video flashes, writing is becoming the dying art form. Overtaken by dimwits who now communicate in emojis and pixilated cosplay. As technology gets more advanced the masses become duller and duller in their chosen tool sheds. We are not an enlightened people. 

To the void I go to sling my prose and lament the state of it all... 


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