We live in a dumb society that think Executive Orders pertain to them.


An Executive Order (EO) from the President only pertains to Federal property or Federal employees on Federal grounds. Likewise, an EO from a state's governor only applies to state property or state employees on state grounds. A mayor's EO only applies to city property or city employees on city grounds. 

EO's do NOT carry the power to quarantine healthy people, enforce mask mandates outside of government property, or ban the sale of something that the sitting representative is overreaching on, and dislikes. The whole point of the Executive Order has been bastardized and overused by the tyrants that take power at every level of government. 

You currently have the media and activists calling on the president to implement an Executive Order to ban assault rifles from public use. An EO contains no such power to do so. If it did, then we would no longer have a representative government. We would have a government ran by a tyrant with sole power of authority. 

We live in a dumb society where not enough people know this, so they go along with rules and illegal orders that have no authority, other than the guns of government used to enforce them. The guns of government should be a check and balance on this misuse of power but again, we have a dumb society who are ignorant of the founding framework that created this country. 

It's frustrating to watch a free people throw away their rights and submit to the few in power because they have falsely determined there to be a crisis of some sort (even when all the statistics show otherwise). This really isn't the America I grew up in anymore. 


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