Review: Grave Peril by Jim Butcher - The Dresden Files book 3

Dresden vs the ghosts. And Faeries. And Vampires. Dresden had a lot to deal with in this third outing. So much so that you would think that it would get convoluted, but it didn't.

The ghosts are going crazy in Chicago and Dresden and his Holy Knight friend, Michael, are checking it out. They need to find out who is behind riling them all up. When a particular ghost starts to target Dresden's friends and a girl shows up asking Dresden for help but then vanishes, the mystery gets deeper.

An interesting thing about this book is that it takes place after a case we didn't get to witness first hand. So Dresden gets to catch us up along the way. You may think you missed a book, but you didn't, this is how the story unfolds. I found that doing it this way offered up a unique reading experience. It's not generally done like this but hey, that may be why I liked it so much.

Michael wielding his sword Amoracchius was fun too. Michael should get his own series of books (that is, if he doesn't get offed later in this series, I hope not). I could see Gerard Butler playing him in a movie version of this. He's such an interesting character. I'd love to see one of those losing faith and getting it back story arcs with him.

All in all... A great book and I'm looking forward to book 4 when it comes back around on my current reading cycle.

One of my highlighted exerts. Dialogue between Harry and Michael that amused me:
“Holy shit,” I breathed. “Hellhounds.” “Harry,” Michael said sternly. “You know I hate it when you swear.” “You’re right. Sorry. Holy shit,” I breathed, “heckhounds. Godmother’s out hunting. How the hell did she find us so damned fast?”

Book Completion Count: 6


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