Review: The Devil Colony by James Rollins (Book 7 of the Sigma Force series)

What does an Indian burial, Iceland, Mormonism, the Founding Fathers, Fort Knox, Yellowstone, and nanotechnology all have in common? They all form the backdrop to this action packed and enthralling installment in the Sigma Force series.

James Rollins weaves them all together so perfectly to assemble another great mystery adventure. Again, if you like Indiana Jones and National Treasure, then the Sigma series are the books for you. I don't understand why these books are not movies already???!!!???

Another cool way of thinking about this series, is that it's G.I. Joe for adults. Sigma vs The Guild. With each book we learn more and more about The Guild, this shadowy secret society pulling the strings of power all over the world. In The Devil Colony we get a huge reveal in the end, as to who is wielding the power. I had figured it out after the Fort Knox scenes but it was rewarding all the same. Pure gratification to do so.

Another great thing about the Sigma series books are the locations, history, and sciences that James Rollins intertwines into his adventures. The Wupatki National Monument for instance. I had never heard of it but I can do a search, read about it, see the cool pictures of the site, and then envision it in the story. The same goes for Ellirey Island, the Old Faithful Inn (I want to go there), and Fairyland Basin in Yellowstone (a place where less people have been than have climbed Everest). These are all real places that are quite simply amazing to see, yet I would have never known of their existence or anything about them had I not found them in this book.

Yes, books are a great place to discover things that will lead to more knowledge when you go looking.

Anyway... this is my favorite Sigma Series adventure yet and I look forward to reading Bloodline when it cycles into my current rotation this year. Good stuff!!! I highly recommend this series.

2021 Book Completion Count: 9 (and 1 Novella/ Short Story)


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