Review: Chariots of the Gods by Erich Von Daniken

I've finally read the book that kicked off Ancient Astronaut Theory (as seen in Ancient Aliens) from over 50 years ago and I enjoyed it immensely.

I like the fact that there are several forewords updating the book throughout the years. This is key for me. Mainstream history, science, and religion rarely ever bother to go back and update anything when new evidence has been found. More on that later...

Another thing I really liked is that we get questions posed, but Deniken never says that anything he is saying is more than a theory. As a matter of fact, it could even be theorized that their was an actual ancient human pre-history that was lost after some cataclysm, a Hyborean age (to use an age from Conan) if you will. So even if you ignore everything about Ancient Astronauts, you still come to find that the dates and things that mainstream science and history are adamant about, don't fit anything other than the narrative they created (that sounds familiar).

Which brings me to another nugget I gleaned about humans, while reading this. Humans of the last 50 years (even going back further) have not really changed much. The mainstream creates a narrative, it is echoed to the masses, the masses believe it, those that question are labeled conspiracy theorists, and the narrative is forever more. It happens in religion, science, and history just as it happens today in mainstream media reporting. When new evidence is found, it is buried to maintain the narrative. We are NOT an enlightened people to be doing this.

Having seen Erich Von Daniken on Ancient Aliens many times, I of course read the book in his voice, within my head. That may have slowed me down a bit but it was interesting to try and read it in my own voice, come to find that that is just not going to work at all, and then go back to Daniken's voice and inflections.

It's a good core book for any Ancient Alien Theorist out there. As I've said numerous times, I think the there is maybe 30% - 40% of the content that they bring up which should be looked at more in depth and has a major relevance, while the rest poses interesting questions but can seem far fetched. Not every sub theory is believed by every one who falls under the main theory. That's also something I like about this. You are not required to believe something, because in the end, it is just a theory. Ancient Alien theorists actually practice science and history theory as it should be practiced vs what the mainstream do when they outright declare something settled.

Imagine that... The "Conspiracy Theorists" practicing science and history as it is defined while the mainstream declares the virtue of what they declare... Who would ever believe that???

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