Review: The Bleeder by Jeff Somers

My favorite author is back with another Urban Fantasy Novella set in his Ustari Cycle world that began with We are Not Good People.

In this action packed little tale, we see Lem and Mags take a freelance job with a Bleeder (To create magic, you must have exposed blood, be it your own or someone else's, and then you also must know the Words. Some people not good with the Words just become Bleeders for those who are good with the words. They are the "gas" for the spells) that they come to know (along with some other magical grifters), and find that they have some compassion for this particular one.

When the freelancers are tasked with breaking into an Enustari's (powerful mage's) home and retrieving a secret box, not everything goes as planned. Lem has to think and be on his game if he is going to save Mags the Bleeder, as well as the other freelancers from certain doom.

It's a quick read, just over an hour but it's a nice return to a world that in my humble opinion, has the BEST magic system ever created.

2021 Book Completion Count: 7 (and 1 Novella/ Short Story)


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