Twitter is a Toxic Twilight Zone

I'm not using Twitter much. I only check it now and again. For me, it feels like the last days of Myspace before I deleted that. There are a couple of interesting people left but for the most part, it's all toxic propaganda, shit posting, and snark. It literally adds nothing to my day.

In fact, going on it just brings me down. The first thing I saw on it yesterday was the LGBT+ users attacking a female (born female, looks female, is biological female) cosplayer because her name is "Luca".

She's from the Netherlands where "Luca" is both a female and a male name. However the LGBT+ users were attacking her because she was not identifying as "trans" in her profile (she wasn't identifying as anything really, why should she? It's not important). Never mind that she is not trans. That didn't matter. They said her name sounded male so she should identify as trans. Then they attacked her for being tall and therefore that added to why she should be trans. This is the utter and stupid insanity of Twitter and the Woke people who use it for a soapbox. The Woke shit has infected the pop culture talk and now the cosplay world too. It's disgusting.
Woke culture is very much like a religion to the left. It spreads in much the same way. Except Woke culture has no moralistic intent. It is pure attack. It's become a cancer in this nation. Twitter seems to be the home of it too. There's no "live and let live" allowed. Only, change and do as we say or you will be canceled and we will bully you until you submit.

Unlike Myspace winding down because design changes pushed people away, there is this toxic nature within Twitter that runs rampant and is even fostered and pushed by Twitter itself. At some point, the sane people will just leave because they want no part of that day in and day out. It's not healthy. I now view Twitter as the most toxic and evil site on the net, filled with some of the most bottom feeder people alive today. The best thing that could happen is that Twitter is torn down and the "woke purity" is diluted as people migrate to various other sites. Tower of Babel indeed.


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