Review:We are Legion (We are Bob) by Dennis E. Taylor

Welcome to the Bobiverse.

The premise: Bob starts off in the not too distant future, where he has just sold his company, signed up to have his head cut off and put in stasis when he dies, and is now ready to party in Vegas. Sadly. Bob dies. He's awoken in the future and is now the property of government theocracy (This is kind lame because I don't see the US going to a Christian theocracy but just go with it) that has taken over. He becomes the AI of ship that goes to other star systems to expand himself (via copies), and use the resources found in other systems to make more ships, more space stations, and find planets for humans to live on. Which is a good thing because the Earth has a world war that destroys almost everything and the population goes down to 15 million.

All in all, this is a quick read at just under 400 pages. It's all in first person from Bob (and the various replicated Bob's point of view). There are a ton of pop culture references because Bob is a geek. Lots of Star Trek and Star Wars references abound. One of the Bob's calls himself Riker. Another is Bender. You even have one called Khan.

The whole time I was reading the book, it was in the voice of Ty Burrell (Phil Dunphy from Modern Family). If they ever made a movie, he should definitely play all of the roles. The only thing is, it would take someone like Spielberg to make this a movie and straighten out all of the pop culture rights (Ready Player One-like). Speaking of which, the pop culture references don't hit with every other sentence (thankfully) so reading it doesn't get old and tired like reading Ready Player One. I make no bones about it, I did NOT like RPO and stopped halfway through because the writing was so horrendous IMHO. The movie was better.

One thing I did notice, and this is specifically because I watch the Abbie Emmons YouTube videos on the science of writing, is that Bob doesn't really have a character arc. He has offshoots that are all a bit different from Bob Prime but none of them actually go through any changes. You never worry about the Bob's because most can make back ups and the ones that don't.... well... I mean... They are just copies of Bob who is a copy of human Bob.

Bob is an immature geek and that never changes from beginning to end. I have issues with the Bob's going after the Brazilian AI's, who are the aggressors, but whenever Bob finds them in a system it's time for war. Why? The universe is damn big. It actually makes it feel like Bob is the aggressor. That feeling also pops up again when Bob Prime finds a new species of hunter gathers on another planet and then helps them against the apex predators attacking them. The Star Trek Prime Directive be damned (also mentioned).

These are all minor issues though. So far, there are 4 books in this series (book 4 was just released this year) and there's enough interest and fun in the universe to keep going with the series. I'll be revolving this series with both Sigma and Dresden for the rest of the year.

Overall, it was a fun book, it kept my interest, and I enjoyed it!!!

Side Note: I looked at reviews of it after I finished and it appears people reviewing the book are the type of vile people that make up society now. Quite a few said "This is a very male type of book," or "There are not many females in this and that omission hurt my enjoyment." WHAT??? People are actually writing reviews based on this crap representation now??? Who cares if there are not females or a certain race in the book??? It's a book the author created, calling out this gender and race crap is just stupid.

I digress... It's a good book. Check it out.

2021 Book Completion Count: 5


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